Knowledge, attitudes, and practices of doctors in Nigeria regarding antimicrobial resistance.

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Pantong Mark Davwar
Nandom Kenneth Bitrus
Nyam Paul David
Kajo Onesemus Ioramo
Kefas Zawaya
Orighomisan Agboghoroma


antimicrobial, resistance, Nigeria, survey, doctors


Background: Infectious disease treatment and prevention are threatened by antimicrobial resistance (AMR) globally. The knowledge and attitudes of doctors regarding AMR and the responsible use of antibiotics are critical to improving prescribing behaviours and mitigating the danger that AMR poses. This study aims to assess the knowledge attitudes and practices of doctors in Nigeria regarding   AMR.

Methods: This was an online survey of doctors in Nigeria. A 31-item self-administered questionnaire was distributed via an online forum for doctors. The questionnaire consisted of knowledge, attitudes, and practices sections. Demographic and practice data were also collected from respondents. Data were analyzed using IBM-SPSS and were mainly descriptive. Bivariate correlation was used to determine the relationship between knowledge attitudes and practices.

Results: Two hundred and fifty -two doctors completed the survey.   There were 105 (42%) resident doctors who participated in the study.  Good knowledge and fair knowledge of AMR were shown by 95(41%) and 146(58%) doctors, respectively.  There were few respondents with good attitudes and practices: 40 (16%) and 16 (6%), respectively.  A large proportion of respondents had fair attitudes and practices -204(81%) and 185(73%) respectively.  The relationship between practice, knowledge, and attitude was negligible. (r<1, p>0.05).

Conclusion: Most doctors in this study showed fair to good knowledge, attitudes, and practices regarding AMR. Efforts to reduce the incidence of AMR should leverage the perceptions and behaviours of these healthcare workers.

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