The Pattern of Neurological Conditions in a Tertiary Institution in Nigeria: Six Years Experience in Ekiti State, Nigeria

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Paul Olowoyo
Olumuyiwa Ariyo
Gbenga Popoola
Oluwatosin Oguntoye
Segun Atolani
Olukayode Talabi
Olusegun Adegbaye
Osirounmuro Ogunmola
Segun Momoh
Kikelomo Olowoyo
Rufus Akinyemi
Mayowa Owolabi


Neurological disorders, Ekiti, Nigeria


Background: Neurological disorders constitute major causes of morbidity, and globally, they are the leading causes of death. There is a dearth of neurologists in most African countries and the very few available ones are concentrated in urban areas. The cardiovascular risk factors responsible for most cases of acute and chronic neurological disorders are also prevalent in rural areas. Therefore, there is a need to observe the pattern of these disorders in the rural areas too, to appreciate the disease burden as it would help in the judicious allocation of human and other healthcare resources.

Methodology: We reviewed the case files of patients seen at the neurology clinic and admitted via the emergency department into the Federal Teaching Hospital, Ido-Ekiti, over a period of 6 years (2016 to 2021).

Results: A total of 881 patients were seen during the study period, and they were mostly elderly male patients with chronic disorders in which stroke was the most common neurological disorder (44.9%) followed by seizure disorder (13.1%), and neurodegenerative disorders (9.9%). Tumors and myopathies were the least seen disorders.

Conclusions: Health literacy on cardiovascular risk factors and even distribution of manpower and material resources will help reduce the burden of neurological disorders among the attendees of the Ekiti tertiary health institution.

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