Correlation between Measures of Obesity and Vascular Ageing in Type 2 Diabetics of Rural Regions of West India with Low Prevailing Obesity: A Pulse Wave Analysis Based Cross-Sectional Study

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Solanki Jayesh D
Vohra Adnan S
Shah Chinmay J
Hirani Chetna N
Senta Vatsal M
Rudani Darshit K


Arterial stiffness, body mass index, pulse wave velocity, type 2 diabetes mellitus, visceral fat


Background:  Obesity and vascular ageing are two facets of type 2 diabetes (T2Ds) to study. Former can be studied by qualitative body fat analysis using bio-electrical impedance (BIA) and later beyond blood pressure by pulse wave analysis (PWA). We studied the association between BIA and PWA parameters in T2Ds.

Methodology: Under treatment 156 T2Ds were evaluated for BIA ( Omron Karada Scan, China) and PWA( IEM, Stolberg, Germany). BIA parameters (weight, BMI, total body fat, visceral fat, subcutaneous fat, skeletal muscle mass) and PWA parameters (arterial stiffness, brachial haemodynamics, aortic blood pressures, central haemodynamics) were studied. Comparison, correlation, risk association and predictions were done with p-value < 0.05 as statistical significance.

Results: There was a mean age of 57.7 years, a mean BMI of 22.8, prevalence of hypertension 50%, prevalence of glycaemic control 10%. Correlation between BIA and PWA parameters in >75% instants was weak and insignificant (especially for aortic parameters and central haemodynamics). Female gender, BMI < 22.5, VF< 10 and low/normal TBF were associated with comparatively high PWA parameters, but inconsistently. High BMI or VF did not impose significant Odds risk of high aortic pulse wave velocity or central pulse pressure. Visceral fat and aortic pulse wave velocities were not significantly predicted by blood pressure, BMI and heart rate.

Conclusion: Among rural type 2 diabetes with a mean BMI of 22.8 and poor glycaemic control, there is largely a lack of association between obesity and vascular ageing, suggesting differences in time course and pathology of them in type 2 diabetes and further studies.

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